Hi! everybody, no fun stuck at home without our weekly bowls fix is it ? If someone told me a month ago that every Club and Pub in Australia, if not the world, would be closed for business due to a virus similar to the common cold, you would take them straight to a physc. ward. Who would have ever thought ? What we have to do is survive and come out the other side better people for the experience of confinement and the undesirable restrictions forced upon us.

As you would have read on the Club’s newsletters, the nominations for Board positions and Committee positions closed with many vacancies unfortunately. Not that it matters at this stage I guess, but after the scourge has been defeated and things return to our new normal, Club Maroochy will have to kick off again asap. There were no names put forward for Men’s President, so I notified the secretary I would continue the Presidency in a caretaker roll until such time as necessary. It just so happens, that I found quite a lot of time with all the District, selection and management commitments cancelled for the year, so I have to do something I suppose.

I wonder if all our visitors will still arrive once covid’s done and dusted, it doesn’t look like it at this stage. Our beautiful greens won,t get the recognition they deserve, will they? Richard, our green keeper, has been kept on thankfully, so when we return she’s all go straight away. An emergency meeting was held last Wednesday to put our Club into a position where by, certain duties around the place would have to continue. Although closed for trade, as you could imagine, some administrative issues etc. still have to be taken care of and will be, on a very limited basis. 

On another note, 90% of our kitties have gone missing, maybe some members took one home hoping to use them for a roll up when they heard the club was closing. No one thought that the greens would be out of bounds as distance restrictions could have been managed. Now we realise of cause, total isolation is imperative. Please return them when it is safe to do so, ok.

Looking forward to see you all soon. I’ll leave you with a saying I found in reading.

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.( Abraham Lincoln)

? Kasper.