Happy New Year everyone!

 I would like to acknowledge the losses of life and homes caused by the bushfires within our nation; I also acknowledge that many of us have suffered personal sickness or other hardships during 2019. Let us put 2019 to bed and come together in 2020 with companionship, joy and compassion in our hearts and a good plan in our minds to bowl more at Club Maroochy. Our club is strong and healthy, and with member solidarity and commitment to play regularly the club will sustain itself during 2020 and beyond. That is my goal for our club; let it be yours also.


Shirley’s Soapbox.

During my role as ladies President, sadly, it has became apparent to me how intolerant and unappreciative certain club members can be, fortunately a minority. Such members appear to give little thought to the workings of the club. By this I mean that when certain difficult situations are not rectified immediately, the club committees (bowls or board) go out of their way to sequence a solution- that is, let’s try a, then b, then go to c and persist, until a solution is found; that equates to try, try and try again. Unfortunately, some situations require time, perseverance and money as there is no easy solution to the issue.

 My point is that in order to have the club work at a premium everyone has to work together. That includes members trusting that committees do their utmost to source solutions to issues, many of which are complex. If a member wishes to voice his or her opinion on a worrying matter within the club then I ask them to lodge their opinion through appropriate channels (usually a letter to the Board); or step up and offer a possible solution or even better, take a position on the committee and use their expertise to assist the club in these challenging matters.

 Fortunately our club has many willing volunteers and members who make the committees’ jobs so much easier. Mostly our club does run smoothly for the betterment of all. 2020 is geared to be a fabulous year for our club so let’s get together with new ideas, humour and constructive communication and give it our best shot!